A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Emil is robot in charge of an important mission: lighting up the stars! How to do so? It's Easy! Energy is spread arround the stars and you have to dig and place it in the feeding hole.

There's different stars and exploring them is not a simple job. Dig and construct your own paths!

A story told by cute pixelated graphics

Optimized for space and loading times: it takes less than 4MB!

Note: this is a free game. No Free-To-Play mechanics added. Just Play & Enjoy ^^

Install instructions

Old version for Libgdx jam available in here. The new APK for Android is available at Google Play too.

To play in PC, only the JAR file is required to run the game. However, you need to have a Java Virtual Machine installed in your computer.

Note 1) the previous version was not working, it should be fixed

Note 2) the source code of the project is available but it is not needed to run the game. It is the file emil-thestarfeeder-src.zip

You can install the APK in your Android device. No permissions required :)


emil-thestarfeeder-src.zip 47 MB
emil-thestarfeeder.jar 6 MB
privacypolicy.txt 152 bytes
emil-thestarfeeder-20161101.apk 3 MB

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